My Top 10 Social Media fails of 2012

21 Dec

FacepalmEvery now and again, something you see on Social Media makes you almost choke on your coffee.  Or laugh until your sides hurt.  Or very occasionally go and hide behind the couch.

Everyone is human and despite re-reading what I write several times before posting, I occasionally make visible mistakes myself as well, so it is therefore not with a desire to mock but with a sense of empathy that, over the next 10 days, I will blog my ten favorite social media fails of 2012 – the sort of fails that, from an initial glow of satisfaction, develop into an overwhelming uncomfortable warmth as you realize you’ve made an obvious and potentially damaging mistake.

Some of them you will doubtless have seen before, some may indeed have been featured heavily in the mainstream media, but I hope that in amongst the familiar there will be some new delights, some previously undiscovered gems.

CalendarSince each will cover a fair amount of ground, I’ve decided to blog about one a day rather than trying to cover all of them in a single post of infinite length.

I’ll describe the background, illustrate the key players, provide pictures, links and video, and also ask whether there are any lessons we can learn from each.  But first and foremost, these will be the ten that I personally found to be the most memorable.

I’ll kick it all off on December 22 with an epic twitter fail, and work through until we get to my favorite on New Year’s Eve.

Happy Holidays everyone and best wishes for a better 2013, particularly to those responsible for the stories that are about to follow…..


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